Horror movies and me.

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:46 pm
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I have known for years that I really do not enjoy horror movies. Experiencing a scary experience on the big screen is one thing. I like war movies, natural disaster movies, and movies involving extreme sports where death is a silly millimeter away.

Horrior is something different. I'm not sure whether it's the whiff of the supernatural, or the particular psychological knobs this genre twiddles to thrill its fans, but I really, sincerely can't even handle it on a physiological level.

A friend good naturedly ribbed me into going to see Stephen King's _IT_ tonight.  I made it through the first maybe 15 minutes of the movie. By the time I walked out, my pulse was POUNDING and even the false scares so common in these films where it turns out to simply be the wind or the film's score or WHATEVER had me jumping so hard it was almost painful.

I'd thought that since I read the book as a young boy (junior high I think when it came out) that knowing the story would defang the visceral-ness of my reactions a bit. Not so much.

Never say never, but I do not envision exposing myself to that kind of stimulus again any time soon.


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